Stellar Activ-Folate



2 Pack Sizes: 30 pack or 120 pack.

Each pack contains a:

30 or 120-day supply of Folate tablets.

Take one Peach Folate Tablet in the morning with breakfast or as prescribed by your Healthcare Professional.

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Stellar Active-FOLATE contains a 3rd generation methylated folate called Active ExtraFolate-S (as 5-MTHF).

Active Extrafolate-S does not need to be broken down by the body through a complex enzymatic metabolic process like conventional synthetic Folic Acid. This means that it is ready to be used by the body immediately. It is 7 x more bioavailable (better absorbed) than synthetic Folic Acid.

Stellar Activ-FOLATE can be used prior to conception, throughout pregnancy or together with any Folate depleting medications such as Oral Contraceptives, Anti-Depressants, Anti-Convulsants or Methotrexate.


30 Pack, 120 Pack