Miscarriage and the Successful Pregnancy


A Woman’s Guide to Infertility and Reproductive Loss


One out of every three women age 18-45 has experienced a reproductive loss. Women experiencing miscarriage often receive no explanation for the cause of their miscarriage. The lack of advice regarding the future and what can be done to avoid another miscarriage is too often the case.

“Miscarriage and the Successful Pregnancy” will provide insights and answers regarding miscarriage. William P. Hummel, M.D., a nationally recognized Fertility Specialist, states “A significant number of miscarriages can be prevented. A thorough fertility evaluation should give all couples options to maximize a full term pregnancy.”

“Miscarriage and the Successful Pregnancy” provides the psychological support of this devastating condition and offers constructive steps to take with your physician. It is the authoritative guide to miscarriage treatment and success of your next pregnancy.