Family Starter Pack-Delfran


Contains something for both Mommy-to-be and Daddy-to be.

What’s in the box:

2 Boxes Inofolic (1 month supply), 1 Sperm-i-Prove (1 month supply), 5 Ovulation tests, 2 Pregnancy Tests

For Mommy to be: A high level of Myo-Inositol in the follicular fluid is a marker of a good follicle and egg quality. A Myo-Inositol imbalance or shortage in the follicular fluid may lead to poor egg development reducing your chance to become pregnant. InofolicTM contains Myo-Inositol which may assist the follicles to rectify the imbalance in the follicular fluid and lead to improved egg development and quality. If you have quality eggs, it will improve your chance to get pregnant.

For Daddy to be: A shortage of specific vitamins in men can cause sperm to underdeveloped or get damaged whilst being stored. Sperm-i-Prove contains the necessary vitamins to rectify these imbalances. This may lead to improved sperm development and help to protect sperm whilst being stored.